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                            • LED emergency oyster ceiling light
                            • LED emergency oyster ceiling light
                            • LED emergency oyster ceiling light
                            LED emergency oyster ceiling light
                            ◆Adopt PMMA cover and iron base
                            ◆Surface mounted installation
                            ◆Uising high brightness SMD2835/5630 led chips as light source
                            ◆Adopt High Temperature Ni-Cd battery pack
                            ◆Emergency watts 12 W 
                            ◆Emergency duration >90 mins 
                            ◆Approved by ROHS SAA and C-tick(RCM)
                            ◆3 years warranty
                            • Description
                            • Product Specification
                            • Package Detail
                                                                                                              LED emergency oyster ceiling light


                            This 12W LED Ceiling Light is made with high brightness Epistar LEDs, SAA driver, with less degradation and 50,000 hours lifespan, replacing the 25-30W fluorescent ceiling light. Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd battery backup can support at least 90mins emergency, 2hours or customized.


                            ◆Adopt PMMA cover and iron base

                            ◆Surface mounted installation

                            ◆Uising high brightness SMD2835/5630 led chips as light source

                            ◆Adopt High Temperature Ni-Cd battery pack

                            ◆Emergency watts 12 W 

                            ◆Emergency duration >90 mins 

                            ◆Approved by ROHS SAA and C-tick(RCM)

                            ◆3 years warranty

                            Detaial specification




                            Model Number: ZL-ECLP12-XW                                                              

                            Power Consumption: 12W                                                                    

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 Power Factor: > 0.92                                                                         

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 Input Voltage: AC200~240V                                                                   

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 Frequency: 50/60Hz                                                                          

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 Battery: Ni-MH/2.5AH Emergency Duration: >90mins, 120mins or customized                        

                            Equivalent to: 30W traditional incandescent light                                              

                            Color Temperature Option: 2800-7000K                                                         

                            View Angle: 120°                                                                            

                            Working Temperature: -25℃~ +40℃                                                             

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 CRI: >80                                                                                      

                            Flux Lumen: 800lm/12W                                                                      

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 Lifespan: 50,000 hours    Battery Lifespan: 300-500 times of charging & recharging cycles              

                            Light Sourse: 200pcs SMD2835 LEDs (Epistar)                                                   

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 Demension: Φ360 x 112.5 mm     Weight:  2200g                                                

                            Certificates: C-Tick, SAA                      

                            Packing Specification

                            3d开机号试机号100期查询 Box:  40x 40 x 6.5cm (1 pcs/box) (Samples need wooden box for shells)

                            Carton:  81x 43 x 42cm

                            Gross Weight:  15.52kg

                            Net Weight:  13.28kg

                            Quantity:  6pcs/carton  


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                            CONTACT US
                            Shenzhen COMLED electronic Technology Co.,ltd
                            Tel: +86 (0755)23109966
                            Address:4th floor 8th building,Xinxintian industry park, Xinsha Rd, Shajing Town, Bao’an district, Shenzhen, China.
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