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                1. Support

                  OEM/ODM Support

                  3d开机号试机号100期查询 We have strong R&D team, we also provide OEM and ODM service. We are very experienced in OEM/ODM projects We can produce according to artwork and sample from customers. And we can also make artwork according to customers’ idea if customers are not able to provide artwork by themselves. Our sufficient equipment and skilled engineers will mold according to artwork and sample excellently. We guarantee product quality by our strict QC processes. Our experienced sales persons provide comprehensive pre- and after-sales services.

                  OEM Services

                  3d开机号试机号100期查询 Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services pair your blueprints and designs with Comled’s manufacturing capabilities to make your product a reality. Comled will discuss your project’s needs including product specifications, desired materials, project budget, and proposed delivery schedule. From there we will manufacture prototype units for your demo purposes. Once your OEM project has been approved, our operations team will work with you to plan out a production and delivery schedule based on your demand projections. If your production demand fluctuates, we’ll work with you to adjust production to meet your desired level of output. Our skilled and attentive OEM account representatives will walk with you every step of the way.

                  ODM Services

                  3d开机号试机号100期查询 Original design manufacturer (ODM) services utilize your product ideas with Comled’s design and manufacturing capabilities. Our engineering team will capture all the needs of your ODM project requirements including technical specs, regulatory compliance, aesthetic design, and production schedule. We’ll draft the blueprints for the project and build prototypes for you to demo. Once approved, our team will begin production of your ODM units according to your demand forecasts; adjusting as needed moving forward.

                  CONTACT US
                  Shenzhen COMLED electronic Technology Co.,ltd
                  Tel: +86 (0755)23109966
                  Address:4th floor 8th building,Xinxintian industry park, Xinsha Rd, Shajing Town, Bao’an district, Shenzhen, China.
                  © 2017 COMLED Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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